MIXing - MASTERING - Audio post

MIXing - MASTERING - Audio post

Edu Reyes Mix & Post.


I'm passionate about audio. Freelance sound engineer for more than 15 years in professional audio, as FOH and Monitors mixing engineer for most artists in Ecuador and some international artists such as Cabas, Andrés Cepeda, Karina, Guillermo Dávila, Santiago Cruz, Axel, Nacho and Amigos Invisibles.


I am a believer that music transmits emotions and each project has its own identity, that is why I use the best tools, among which are a trained ear, a hybrid mixing system with quality analog and digital equipment. This compromise between science and art; between the equipment, criteria and experience make me take the best decisions of the processes that each musical production requires. 


I want to offer you the peace of finding the sound you were looking for at an affordable cost.



On this page you can send your files for mixing or mastering, or simply send me the mixes for a mixing consulting before the mastering process. Be sure to write an email to send you the master and if possible a cell number with WhatsApp or Skype to talk about the project. 

Before send me the mix, please check a few things: 

- Send me consolidated WAV or AIFF files. 
- If you use a limiter on the master buss of your mix, send me an extra mix bypassing the limiter. 
- Check that your mix is not clipping on the master buss. If you do not understand this, just render your mix at 32bit floating point at bit depth and I will contact you. 
- Please check that you are sending me the correct files or final mix. 
- If you need mastering an instrumental version, send me at the same time with your project. 
- Feel free to let me know anything related with the project like TEMPO, KEY, LYRICS, REFERENCES, ETC.



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